Our Difference

At Sawyer's, we make a difference

Over the last 28 years, we have become a destination company to work for, as well as a preferred service provider to our Saskatchewan clientele in the outdoor space management business and the arboriculture/tree services industry. Our brand exudes a specific sense of sure-footed competence in being reliable responders to your outdoor space requests for service. Having a good relationship with Our Customers is part of our brand.

We are:

Trustworthy, honest and respectful

This sense of integrity is demonstrated in both intention and in action. We respect the organization that we work for, and try to continually convey a sense of trustworthiness within this organization. Best practices in our overall business activities are used to convey this same sense of trust to the Customers that we serve.

Passionate, energetic and driven to achieve well-identified goals

We are passionate about the expertise involved in the execution of our business plans, from both a technical and a time-management based standpoint. We love bold, incremental steps in improving our internal processes and in reaching daily for internal efficiencies. We are entrepreneurial in spirit and forward-thinking in terms of best practices. At Sawyer’s, we celebrate our team’s successes, and demonstrate competency in our work –thus ensuring our long term sustainability.

Rooted in Knowledge

We know deeply about the various business activities that our company is engaged in, we are SMaC –Specific, Methodical, and Consistent. We place a high priority on knowledge-based skills and technical capacities within our organization. Sawyer’s people hold the importance of our brand as a top priority –with the over-arching goal in mind of responding in an agile fashion to the unique needs of each of our customers at their specific outdoor space.

Sawyer’s Tree Services differs from other landscaping companies, due in part to our affiliations, certifications, and associations that we have and are a part of.


The Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce

Regina & District Chamber of Commerce


Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA Member)

Snow and Ice Management Association (SIMA)

Canadian Nursery Landscape Association (CNLA)

Saskatchewan Nursery Landscape Association (SNLA)

Charter Member “Mission Zero” of Work-Safe Saskatchewan

Saskatoon & Region Home Builders Association

Saskatchewan Construction Association (SCA)

Saskatchewan Heavy Construction Association (SHCA)

Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association (SHSA)


Journeyman Horticulture Technicians

Certified Arborists

Licensed and Insured


Consumer Choice Awards 2012,2015

Planet S Magazine “Voted Best of Landscaping” for 2014, 2015

North Saskatoon Business Association (NSBA)