I Have A Tree

Sunlight shining through leaves on a tree
November 1, 2016

So I have a tree…..
Hi, I have a tree to cut down?
How much will it cost?
When can it be done?

This is the start of a typical phone call for Tree Services.

How does this process work?

Our Receptionist will take your information of name, address which the tree is located at, a phone number (cell number is preferred), a description of the service requested and a description of the location of the tree/shrub is then dispatched to one of our Estimators.

The Estimator then contacts you to set up a time to come see you, your tree/shrub and then determines the cost of the removal, pruning, or stump grinding job. Our Estimators are very knowledgeable about trees and often can make suggestions so that the tree/shrub does not become a hazard.

The estimate is hand- written, a copy is given to you with an estimate number on it.

You may confirm the job at the time of the quote, or you can check with the “boss” of the household, or wait on higher quotes from our competitors to come in.
To confirm a job, all you need to do is call the office, the receptionist will ask you information to confirm the job.

Once the job is confirmed the estimate is sent to Scheduling. Scheduling is usually done at the end of the week for the following week. The jobs are usually scheduled by the date of confirmation. Often you can “pre-book” a date and time. Please make this known to our Estimator or Receptionist when confirming.

The Foreman for the job will then contact the client before we come to do the job. This call is made the day before unless the scheduler has already done so at the time of scheduling.

Once the job is completed, the Foreman will hand-write an invoice for you. You may pay by cheque or cash. We also accept Visa or Mastercard over the telephone.
This hand-written invoice is a temporary invoice. The next day an “official” invoice is produced and mailed out….. often times payments and this invoice cross paths. So often we get phone calls saying that you have already paid. Our office will then confirm with you that indeed it is.

Other questions we may ask throughout the process are;

About the trees location… front yard, back yard, side yard, when facing the property is it left side, right side, by deck, by shed, and so on.

We will clarify if you want the tree removed, or pruned. If you want the stump grinded out or left, often times tree owners want the tree trunk left cut to a certain height.

Can you keep the wood? Yes, as long as it is not Elm. By law all Elm wood must be disposed of at the Landfill. We will cut the wood to about 18” long and stack it for you. If you choose to have the wood hauled away, we keep some of the pieces at our office in Saskatoon, and we give it away free for firewood.

The chipping of the branches comes back to our shop in Saskatoon and we give it away for free – if you come and load it yourself. If we deliver it or load it for you there is a fee for our efforts.

In Regina, our chipping and wood is disposed of, currently we do not have a store front property or yard to store it.

About stump grinding, this is usually not done on the same day as tree removals. This is for many reasons the #1 reason though is that it is best to grind the stump when it has dried out a bit. So our stump grinder and Operator will come by about 5 – 10 days later to grind the stump.
Often the stump leaves behind lots of chipped debris. We do not haul this away unless asked in advanced. The stump grinder will create a hole in the ground, the chipping debris then fills it up, and will settle.

Sawyer’s is proud to also announce that if you would like a small yard enhancement done afterwards, we can remove the area around the stump, level it, bring in topsoil and sod.

So now that you know the process… Give us a call today.

PS: we do tree services all year long. Often the winter is best for pruning because our arborists can see the structure of the tree and they don’t have to worry about the foliage. It’s cold outside but working hard keeps them warm.